Tips for Caring for Lips to be Beautiful Naturally - Healthy and Beautiful Tutorial
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Tips for Caring for Lips to be Beautiful Naturally

Soft and smooth lips are an indicator of physical beauty. The skin on the lips usually lacks oil glands, so it becomes dry and cracked easily. You need to do special care to increase the level of humidity. Especially when the changing seasons, the lips need special attention.

Here are some natural care steps that you can take to make your lips look softer, smoother, and more beautiful:

Do a light massage on the lips with a special lip cream (you can use Oriflame Tender Care) and apply a small amount on the lips at night for natural protection.

Soak a black tea bag in warm water and press it on your lips for three minutes. This will increase the moisture level on the skin of your lips.

To relax the lips, make a natural mask with thick papaya juice. Place it on a soft towel and rub gently around the lips. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes, wash off and apply lip balm. Papaya contains enzymes that exfoliate and can help exfoliate dead skin on the lips and smooth it out.

Don't lick your lips over and over again. Because it will make the lips drier.

Clean the lipstick before you go to bed with a special lip cleanser (you can use Oriflame Waterproof makeup remover) and don't forget to apply lip balm as protection (you can use Oriflame Tender Care).

Always apply natural lip balm (Oriflame Beauty Lip Balm) to protect your lips, either before applying lipstick or when you're not wearing lipstick.

To emphasize the shape of the lips and keep the lipstick long-lasting, use a lip liner on the entire lip line. You can use the Oriflame Lip Pencil Beauty series or Giordani. Use a lip liner with a neutral color or a color that matches your lipstick.

Choose a lipstick color that matches the color of the clothes or activities to be carried out. If you like, you can use a lipstick brush to make the shape of the lips look more perfect. Use a lipstick applicator brush starting from the outer edge to the center of the inner lips.

Add Lip Gloss as a final touch after applying lipstick so that the lips look thicker, sexy, and glamorous like Hollywood stars. You can use Oriflame Maxi Lipgloss or Giordani Gold Deep Shine Gloss.

Always smile so that the face looks cheerful, fun, and looks younger.

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