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Birth in Water

Interested in giving birth in water? No need to go far abroad. In Jakarta, there are already those who offer this facility. Like what?

SICK! that's what women are afraid of when giving birth. No wonder the techniques of reducing labor pain are also in great demand. Starting from Caesarean delivery, using epidural anesthesia, to hypnobirthing or giving birth under hypnosis to not feel pain. And now, the birth technique that is starting to be in great demand is giving birth in water.

Indeed, there is no birth technique that can eliminate pain up to one hundred percent. At least 80 percent. But, we want to provide an alternative for mothers who are about to give birth by reducing the pain," he told Mother. Otamar explained that the process of giving birth in water has actually been around for a long time. The process was offered in Russia in the 1960s by Igor Tjarkovsky. According to developments Over time, the delivery model continued to expand to the United States, Europe, and Indonesia.

“In America, giving birth in water is not so easy to accept. Because, you know, they have their own ego. However, several hospitals in America have used this technique," said the doctor who also practices at the Metropolitan Medical Center (MMC). In Indonesia itself, giving birth in water was introduced in October 2006 at Sammarie Clinic Healthcare. know if there's anything else. At the Sammarie Clinic itself, since its introduction in October 2006 until now, it has treated ten patients. And there are still many who plan to give birth in water," said Otamar.


Otamar explained that giving birth in water is based on giving birth normally, it's just that the place is in water, not in bed. The technique of giving birth in water not only benefits the mother, but also the baby she is born with. Here are the advantages that can be obtained.


Some of the benefits that can be obtained by mothers who give birth in water include:

Pain Less

By giving birth in water, pain from contractions can be reduced by up to 60 percent. Because, in a state of floating, uterine contractions will be more efficient, and blood circulation will be better. Thus, the flow of oxygen to the uterine muscles will be smoother, the pain experienced by the mother will be reduced, and the oxygen supply for the baby will be more.

More Comfortable and Relax

By soaking in warm water, the mother will find it easier to find a position that is considered comfortable for giving birth. The mother just sits, relaxes in the water with her legs open and doesn't have to move or take deep breaths. Because water by itself will help provide a boost of energy. “Mothers who are about to give birth must be stressed because of the pain they are feeling. By soaking in warm water, the stress can be reduced, so you can feel comfortable, "explained Otamar.

Reduces Perineal Tearing

Warm water causes the perineum (the area between the vagina and the anus) to become more elastic and relaxed. This reduces the risk of tearing the birth canal and the need for an episiotomy or suturing.

More Concentration

Because physically more relaxed, soaking in warm water makes mothers can concentrate more on childbirth.

Energy Increase

In the final stages of labour, water is believed to increase the mother's energy.

Lower High Blood

Soaking in warm water can help lower high blood pressure caused by anxiety.

Shorter Labor

In soaking in warm water, blood circulation will be better, so that uterine contractions will also be better. That means the opening of the birth canal will be faster, so delivery is also faster.


It's not just mothers who benefit from giving birth in water. Babies who are born will also benefit, such as:

More Red

Babies born in water look redder, because they have more blood.

Cleaner skin

Babies born in water have cleaner skin and not just the epidermis. Because, the fats will immediately clean exposed to warm water.

Small Head Injury Risk

The risk of head injury in babies born in water is smaller. Because, it will immediately fall into the water and will float by itself.


Although there is no research, according to Otamar, babies born in water are smarter. "It could be because the risk of head injury in infants is smaller," said Otamar.

More comfortable

Even though it has come out of its mother's womb, the baby still feels comfortable, because he feels like he is in his mother's womb. That's because he was in water whose temperature is like the temperature in the womb. That means the stress that the baby may experience can also be reduced.

Less risk of amniotic poisoning

The risk of the baby being poisoned from the amniotic fluid is smaller, because the amniotic fluid that comes out directly mixes with the pool water.

Prefer Water

Because they are born in water, babies are more sensitive to water. Because, in his memory is already stored in water.

Don't babies choke on water?

"Would a baby born in water not choke on water because of crying'? That's a definite question in the minds of mothers. Responding to such questions, Dr. Otamar Samsudin SpOG firmly answered, ''No!

"Of the ten patients I have treated, there has never been a case of a baby choking because of drinking water. And what needs to be understood is that babies will not suck air, unless the umbilical cord has been cut. As long as the baby is still connected to the umbilical cord, the baby will receive oxygen from its mother. through the umbilical cord,” explains Otamar.

He added, basically a newborn baby will cry when:

There was a change of atmosphere.

There is a change in water temperature.

The placenta is detached or the connection between the baby and the mother is cut off (the umbilical cord is severed).

However, to anticipate things that are not desirable, said Otamar, pediatricians must also be ready. That way, "The presence or absence of water entering or the presence or absence of other disturbances can be immediately detected and immediately addressed properly," said Otamar.


As Otamar said, the process of giving birth in water is basically like a normal birth. Therefore, do not imagine that giving birth in water is complicated. The stages of the preparation process until the mother gives birth in water, according to Otamar, are as follows:

Pool Sterilization

Before use, the pool must be sterilized using a disinfectant. That way, the pool will be germ-free.

Water Filling

After the pool is considered clean, it is filled with water. The water must be adjusted to the body temperature of the mother who will give birth. It is important to prevent temperature shock when the baby comes out of the womb. The sterility of water must also be considered so as not to cause infection in the mother and the baby she is born with.

Mom in the Pool

New mothers can enter the pool after the birth canal has opened 5-6 centimeters. "That's to avoid the mother is not too long in the water", explained Otamar. If you want to calmly face the birth process, the husband can accompany you.

Baby born

After approximately 1-1.5 hours of soaking in water, the opening is usually complete, so the baby is ready to be born. “Usually, with just a little force to push, the baby is out. The process of giving birth to this baby is easier, because water has encouraging properties,” explained Otamar. After the baby is born, he will not drown, because even in the womb the baby lives in the amniotic fluid for nine months.

Baby Raised

After coming out, the baby is lifted and immediately given to the mother to get a warm hug and the first kiss from her mother. After that, the navel was cut and cleaned, followed by a health check.



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