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Dress Tricks to Get Proportional Effects according to Body Shape

Dress Tricks to Get Proportional Effects according to Body Shape

Triangle Type

Visually, this type gives the impression that the bottom of the body is wider than the top, so it looks unbalanced. Generally, the shoulders are smaller than the waist down, while the hips and groin areas tend to be larger. Therefore, in choosing a model, try to balance it out by focusing more on the upper part of the body, and disguising the lower part of the body that is rather large, using the following methods:


Direct-sleeved tops, such as Reglan sleeves, dolmans, laces, or cut way armholes. Various models of tops with open shoulders, for example, strapless models, spagbetty straps, or asymmetrical shoulder pieces,

High and tight neck cut (turtleneck) or bottleneck (fits to the neck circumference),

A wide belt and a striking newfangled will add to the impression of weight at the bottom,

Klok skirt that expands at the bottom, both simple cut and with pleats,

A tight skirt, which will accentuate the big hips, and

Skirts or pants with drawstrings, or with pockets detailing at the hips.


Clothing with a good line is widened, for example, with a rather firm coat sleeve cut with a little shoulder padding or epaulets detail,

Blouses or tops with large or striking patterns, for example, floral or floral prints. If you choose a stripe motif, choose a horizontal line to widen the shoulders,

Blouses with ruffles or pocket accents can be an alternative choice,

Choose a skirt with a slim or straight line,

If your body belongs to the medium or tall category, choose a combination of brightly colored or patterned tops with dark-toned bottoms to disguise the lower part of the body that tends to be large. However, for those who are small in stature, it is better to stick to one color tone, in order to create a long and slender impression, and

If wearing a suit, it should consist of a top with firm lines but soft and supple at the bottom.

Inverted Triangle Type

This type has full and broad shoulders, accompanied by a chest that tends to be large. While the hips are narrow so that the overall appearance of the upper body is heavier. To compensate, focus on the lower body.


Avoid clothes that are tight and made of stretchy materials.

Clothing that has detailed ruffles (wrinkles), smocks, drapery applications, or lace ornaments on the top that will make the chest fuller,

A wide and tight waist belt that will make the chest puffier,

Thick and prominent textured top,

Layered top, and

Big and flashy patterned top.


A top that fits the body, not too tight and not too loose

Dark-tone tops with a slightly eye-catching match can be an option. For example, with patterned or detailed bottoms such as pockets, pleats, or ruffles, and

Blouses or dresses with slightly open collar models of soft materials. The safest is a V-shaped neck cut.

Time Glass Type (Hourglass)

This type is said to be lucky because it is considered ideal. Therefore, almost any cut and fashion model can be worn. And what needs to be considered is the choice of colors that are adjusted to skin color.

Especially for small people, there are a few things to note:


Layered fashion models, because your body will look drowned,

Straight and slightly loose H silhouette overalls,

Clothing that extends beyond the calf-length,

The combination of colors and contrasting patterns between the bottoms and tops, and

A large and conspicuous pattern will swallow a small body.


Dress with a slim silhouette. If it is a suit, it should be in the same color tone,

Simple and minimalist clothing will highlight the wearer's slim body,

Thin line patterns arranged vertically will give the impression of length and height, and

Choose a thin belt or chain if you want to accentuate your slim waist.

Number Eight

This type has an impressive body shape full and sexy with different variations, from plump to fat. Accuracy in choosing clothes will greatly determine the overall appearance. Because if it is wrong, it can make the body look fatter. And what needs to be considered is the chest that tends to be full and large, as well as the hips, stomach, and buttocks that tend to be big too. The upper torso is usually reduced short.


Tight clothing model, because it will give the impression of focus on the prominent body parts. Likewise with clothes that are too loose,

Layered fashion models make the body look fatter,

Short tops or blouses that will make the torso appear shorter,

The belt is tight and wide,

Busy detailed clothing such as wrinkles, pleats, or others,

Striking patterns and colors further highlight the less than ideal body parts,

Clothing that is loose and wide at the bottom will make you look bigger, and

Avoid clothing that is thick and rough-textured.


A suite consisting of a jacket made of soft and supple. It can also be overalls or skirts and bottoms that are worn with an outer blouse,

A tunic top that reaches below the hips will create a slim silhouette when paired with slim straight pants or skirts,

Tops in the form of blouses worn outside. Choose a jacket/blazer or cardigan that has a length that exceeds the hips and buttocks,

Blouson tops will help disguise the big belly and hips,

Applying a combination of dark and bright tones, or a thin line vertically or diagonally, will disguise the flaws in your body, and

If you want to wear a belt, choose one that matches the top of the blouse so that the torso looks longer.

Rectangle Type

This type is characterized by a waist that is not slender and is in the category of medium and large stature. Overall this type has no significant problems, except that it does not have a slim waist curve. Therefore, a fashion model that focuses on a slim waist is the main solution.


Straight and loose silhouetted clothing,

vertical outline pattern,

Wide belt in contrasting colors,

Blouson tops or boxy jackets (rigid and straight) that will make the upper body look square, and

The pattern of the square is large or small unless it is placed at an angle so that it forms a diagonal.


Slim silhouette clothing, by applying a princess cut, both on tops or overalls,

Wear light or medium waist belt in a simple, dark tone that contrasts with the outfit you're wearing. Do not use too tight, so that it causes creases,

diagonal stripes,

Pants or skirts that use a drawstring will create a waist shape, and

Wrapped fashion or kimono model (wrapped gown) with a knot.

Oval Round Type

This type is usually in size L or XL. In choosing clothes, this body shape should be extra careful, because there are many considerations that need to be considered. But don't be discouraged, even though you're not slim and slim, that doesn't mean you can't look harmonious and attractive.


Tight fashion models shape the body,

Clothing is too loose,

Large and striking pattern,

Clothing made of thick and stiff fabrics,

Various details such as ruffles, pleats, or ruffles that will add volume effects to the body,

high necked top,

A belt that will accentuate the big waist, hips, and thighs, and

Clothing made from stretches (flexible), such as t-shirts or knitting.


Matching fashion model consisting of a jacket, skirt or pants, with a blouse. Overalls with a soft jacket. Or, overalls with an outer blouse,

The length of the top, either jacket, cardigan, vest, or outer blouse should exceed the line of the hips and buttocks,

Try applying a color combination technique between dark and light to disguise your body shape, for example, a light-colored overall with a dark outer jacket/blouse,

Thin line patterns or other patterns, preferably applied to inner clothing,

The V neck cut is very helpful in reducing the effects of weight on the upper body, and

Matching various models of tunics with skirts and trousers is an ideal choice for this type.



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