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20 Beauty Secrets Become Your Most Beautiful Self

Beauty Secrets Become Your Most Beautiful Self
1. No more refined foods

Avoid eating refined or highly processed foods, which can take away important nutrients that your body needs to keep your skin glowing and looking healthy. 

2. Raw food is better 

Eating more uncooked vegetables and fruits will help you consume more vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients that are important in keeping your hair and skin healthy. Raw vegetables have also been proven to reduce visible wrinkles and dark spots.

3. Preventing grey hair

Adding 1-3 drops of rosemary essential oil to your hair conditioner can be beneficial in reducing gray hair. Rosemary essential oil gradually darkens the hair, so people with blonde or light brown hair should not use this oil if they do not want their hair to get darker. The process of darkening your hair and eliminating gray hair with rosemary oil is slower than dying your hair, so it is best to start this practice at the first appearance of gray hairs. Making use of oil for your hair can help in preventing grey hair.

4. First thing to do in the morning

Your body is usually at its most dehydrated in the morning, after a long night without any water. When you wake up, start your morning off right with a glass of water and some fruit to rehydrate your body and your skin.

5. Seal your nail polish

Apply a top coat of clear polish to your nails in order to extend the longevity of your manicure. Certain kinds of clear polishes also have hardening agents in them, so painting your nails with these kinds of polishes can make your nails stronger, in addition to making them glossier and more visually attractive.

6. Practice a morning skincare routine

A good morning skincare routine can help maintain the health and visual appearance of your skin. To remove dirt and oil buildup, wash your face with a creamy deep cleanser and rinse with water. Wearing a mild moisturizer throughout the day can keep your skin from drying out. Look for a moisturizer that contains sunscreen (at least SPF 15) to protect your skin from the sun. To control oil buildup and keep your skin from appearing shiny, choose a powder foundation instead of a liquid foundation.

7. Use cream as your skin cleanser

Find a cream-based cleanser to use during your AM and PM skin cleaning routines. Cream cleansers tend to be gentler on the skin because they do not usually contain ingredients that cause drying, which strips your skin of its natural oils and makes it more prone to bacteria and cellular damage. Rosewater is a natural mild antiseptic and is gentle enough for use on irritated or acne-prone skin. It has been shown to nourish and hydrate the skin on your body and face.

8. Use rosewater as a toner

Rosewater is a natural mild antiseptic and is gentle enough for use on irritated or acne-prone skin. It has been shown to nourish and hydrate the skin.


9. Get enough sleep

Getting seven to nine hours of sleep each night is essential to maintaining your beauty and the health of your body and skin. Not getting adequate amounts of sleep can result in dark circles under your eyes, dull skin, and the appearance of fine lines on the face. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body begins to produce an increased amount of cortisol, a stress hormone that can result in your skin becoming less smooth in appearance.

10. Drink enough water

The average, healthy adult requires between 11 and 15 total cups of water per day. When you are dehydrated, your skin will usually become dry and take on a lackluster appearance. Water is important to the skin as it provides moisture from within and restores skin cells and tissues.

11. Refrigerate Toners 

Facial toners can help give your skin a more vibrant and clear appearance. In order to help retain freshness, try refrigerating toners.

12. Never pick pimples

Picking at pimples can cause scarring on the skin, which can be difficult or impossible to eliminate the appearance of later on. Apart from this, when your break opens a pimple, you are allowing infected materials to enter the skin from below, thereby spreading infection and extending the life span of the pimple.

13. Exfoliate your hands each week

When exfoliating your hands, use a scrub brush to gently remove loose skin and prepare your hands for the exfoliating process. After scrubbing with your exfoliating scrub, rinse your hands with lukewarm water to remove the product, and then rinse with cold water for another minute or two. Exfoliation actually dries out your skin, especially when done on a regular basis, so it’s important to apply a moisturizing lotion after exfoliating.

14. Fix your yellow nails

Yellow nails can be an indication of a medical disorder, such as liver, kidney, or lung disease, diabetes, or a deficiency in nutrients like iron and zinc. These are not the only reasons that yellowing nails can occur, but you should discuss this with your physician if your nails suddenly change color.

One common cause of yellow nails is wearing nail polish for extended periods of time. Take a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover and remove all traces of nail polish on your nails. Then, gently buff your nails with a nail buffer to clean the surface. Lemon juice is known to remove stains and whiten yellow nails, so you can soak your nails in a bowl of lemon juice or rub the juice directly on your nails. Mixing lemon juice and baking soda will create a paste that you can rub onto your nails and around your nail beds to cleanse and whiten.

15. Replace candy with fresh fruits

Candy and other sugary sweets can affect your beauty in several ways, like causing weight gain and enlarging the pores on your skin which increases the likelihood of blackheads. To satisfy your sweet tooth, try switching over from candy to fruit.

16. Get a facial

Facials are very beneficial to the health and appearance of your skin, so try to take a trip to the spa to get a facial at least four times a year. While the relaxation and stress relief that accompany facials are wonderful on their own, facials help to improve circulation in the skin, which increases the flow of oxygen and gives your skin a healthy glow. Facials also deep cleanse the skin and remove toxins caused by grease, dirt, and pollution. If you have problems with acne or blackheads, facials can help reduce the excess amount of sebum, a substance that naturally moisturizes the skin but can cause acne if your skin overproduces it. 

17. Keep your makeup simple and light

When it comes to makeup, less is more, since wearing less makeup allows you to show off your natural beauty. Your skin absorbs the makeup on your face, potentially causing skin problems or the appearance of premature aging, so wearing less makeup can keep your skin looking healthy.

18. Using lip balm

Chapped or cracked lips are visually unappealing and can be very painful. Frequently licking your lips, dehydration, nutrient deficiencies, and sunburn can cause or worsen chapped lips, so finding a lip balm that works for you is important. When picking out a lip balm, try to find one with as few ingredients as possible, or at least one with all-natural ingredients. Honey and beeswax are great ingredients in a lip balm, as they help your lips retain moisture and keep them from getting chapped again.

19. Be gentle with the skin near your eyes

The skin under your eyes is very fragile and sensitive, so be gentle when cleaning or applying makeup in this area. Under-eye skin is very thin and delicate and should be conditioned with eye creams that help prevent wrinkles and hydrate and nourish the area. When you apply makeup or cleanse this area, it is better to use a gentle patting motion rather than pulling at the skin, which can cause wrinkles.

20. Be conscious of your weight

To keep yourself looking and feeling fit and healthy, keep an eye on your weight. Maintain a balanced diet so your weight does not fluctuate. Talk to your doctor to find out a healthy weight for your height and body type, as well as to learn about what kind of diet would be healthiest for you and would help you stay at your ideal weight.