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Perbedaan Retinol dan Retenoid Serta Cara Pemakaian yang Benar

Dewasa ini kebutuhan manusia modern tidak hanya makanan, pakaian dan tempat tinggal, penampilan fisik juga menjadi kebutuhan utama. Setuju atau tidak jika kamu good looking kamu akan relatif lebih mudah mendapat pekerjaan lho. Hal inilah membuat produsen kosmetik berlomba menyediakan produk kosmetik yang diklaim bisa mempercantik kulit. Saat ini  produk yang mengandung  retinol dan retinoidlah yang sedang digandrungi  karena diyakini lebih efektif memperbaiki kerusakan kulit.  Perbedaan Retino dan Retenoid Sumber:  Retinol adalah bentuk vitamin A yang ditemukan di dalam makanan seperti hati, kuning telur, dan ikan. Di sisi lain, retinoid adalah bentuk vitamin A sintetis yang dibuat di laboratorium.  Konsentrasi:  Retinol umumnya memiliki konsentrasi yang lebih rendah dibandingkan dengan retinoid. Konsentrasi retinol yang umum dijumpai dalam produk perawatan kulit over-the-counter berkisar antara 0,1% hingga 1%.  Konsentrasi rendah ini memungkinkan retinol digunakan secara aman di rumah

The Right anti-ageing Food Recommendations

You can see, a grape and cheddar skin will keep tightening over time. However, this is not the case with your skin. Your skin cells will be damaged with age. Plus, your skin will show the first signs of ageing when you hit your twenties. While it is not possible to prevent ageing, as it does happen, it can slow down and can keep your skin looking younger for a long time. Maintain beautiful and radiant skin; you can start with the food you consume. Foods that contain the best anti-ageing substances are foods that have lots of nutrients, antioxidants, water, healthy fats. Research also proves that eating fruits and vegetables is the best step you can use to get rid of spots and wrinkles on your skin. The following are foods that contain anti-ageing substances that you can use to nourish your body and skin from within: Lettuce Vegetables contain lots of nutrients that are beneficial to you. Healthy green vegetables usually contain potassium, phosphorus, calcium, manganese and vitamins B-1

Diamond Microdermabrasion Technology Effectively Rejuvenates Skin

Diamond microdermabrasion is still a stranger to society. Said to be a special beauty treatment for the upper class. The fact is that it's always a trend, it's never empty of enthusiasts. The result of microdermabrasion treatment is skin rejuvenation. Makes skin ten years younger! The method of diamond microdermabrasion technology is also unique through exfoliation. Microdermabrasion is also not a surgical procedure. So, the level of security is more guaranteed. For several countries in the world, microdermabrasion is a favourite. It also turns out to be the secret to the beauty of Hollywood artists. Moreover, it is done with diamonds. You can imagine how to pamper your skin. Nourish and rejuvenate the skin to the maximum. What is Microdermabrasion? In the world of beauty, microdermabrasion is an exfoliating treatment. As the name implies, it is done by the abrasion method. Rely on unique beauty technology and fine crystals. There are two kinds of microdermabrasion tablets. Fir

Combination of Harmful Ingredients in Skincare

Skincare is a series of skincare products using certain products, especially for the face. A series of combinations of harmful ingredients in this care product are usually specially created based on the needs of each skin type. Every human being has a different skin type, so the product range that every human condition is diverse. Skincare is part of the world of beauty. So it is not uncommon for many people to think that women can only use skincare. That thing needs to be straightened out. Every human being must maintain cleanliness and care for their skin. The stigma or perspective on the world of beauty that only women can cultivate should be investigated. The reason is, with a lot of knowledge and media about matters related to this world of beauty. Not a few doctors and beauticians now come from the Adam. Even they confidently appear in the media to explain the type of skincare. This is also marked by the increasing awareness of men about facial problems. Because in essence, skinc

Pregnancy Problems and Solutions

During the pregnancy process, the mother's physical changes will be alarming. Many health problems during pregnancy will arise. What are some issues that occur during pregnancy and how to solve them? Here are five pregnancy problems that are often experienced by pregnant women during pregnancy and their solutions. Dizziness in Pregnancy This complaint is an initial complaint and is expected. The influence of hormones during pregnancy is the cause. The hormone progesterone triggers blood vessel walls to widen. This results in a decrease in blood pressure and makes the mother feel dizzy. The solution to the problem of dizziness in pregnant women is to know the cause first. If due to hormonal, treatment is enough with sleep and avoid stress. Meanwhile, if it is due to anaemia or hypertension, the cause must be addressed first. Meanwhile, if because of blood pressure, reduce activity and save energy. If you can't stand the headache, try taking a safe medication such as paracetamol.

Removes Dark Eye Bags

Eye bags are dark circles in the eye or so-called panda eyes. These eye bags cause the face to look dull and tired. These eye bags are usually caused due to the body not being fit, lack of sleep or staying up late, or even sleeping too much, often working too long at the computer, drinking less water, and doing more than eight hours a day, fatigue, or the natural process of ageing: and other factors. Of course, these eye bags disturb the appearance of your face. For that, do the following easy ways to reduce eye bags: Compress the eyes with ice water or ice cubes Ice water or ice cubes can help you reduce eye bags. The trick is to use a clean cotton swab then dip it in ice water or pack an ice cube then compress it on both eyes and let it sit for a few minutes. Do this regularly before going to bed, so after waking up, your eyes will feel relaxed and feel calmer, and your eye bags are gone. Compress with tea dregs If you like to drink tea, don't throw away the tea dregs because the

Benefits of Kiwifruit for Health and Beauty

Boosts the Immune System Kiwifruit is highly recommended to increase the immune system or body immunity even more so in this pandemic season. The body's protection must be maintained as well as possible. This fruit is the right choice. Besides this fruit is safe for consumption by all ages. This fruit can be eaten immediately or used as juice. Talk about extract, regular kiwi juice is highly recommended for sick people because it can increase immunity so that it can accelerate the healing process. Containing quite a lot of vitamin C, the best properties of kiwifruit are antioxidants. Besides, kiwi can also ward off harmful substances that cause disease. So from that, the efficacy of kiwifruit is the right choice for children who are sick. Heart health A study in 2011 in the Medical Daily report, proved that there are high blood patients who consume kiwifruit every day. The result is kiwifruit can lower blood pressure. That is because there is a high antioxidant c

Skin Care Tips for Women in their 30s, to look amazing

To stay beautiful in your 30s, you can start applying these eight simple steps: 1. Cleaning Clean your skin every morning and make sure to remove all makeup and clean again before going to sleep. This allows the skin to perform essential protective and renewal functions properly. Always use products recommended by your dermatologist because there are many products available on the market, making you confused about choosing. 2. Exfoliate Exfoliation is better done at night than during the daytime—overnight skin in renewal mode and removing dead skin before sleep improves skin function. Exfoliate gently, only to remove dead skin and if your skin is oily or blotchy then exfoliating twice a week is enough. 3. Protection Protect your skin during the day by combining antioxidant serum or vitamin C serum with sunscreen, because they strengthen each other. Be sure to apply sunscreen first. 4. Stay hydrated Make sure the skin is not dehydrated. Don't spend more th

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Tutorial Cantik di Mata Cowok Setiap Saat, Jangan Abaikan Tips Ini!

Tampil cantik di mata cowok merupakan sesuatu yang banyak diinginkan oleh para wanita. Oleh karena itulah, tidak sedikit yang mencari tutorial cantik di mata cowok . Terlebih lagi di depan kekasih Anda, maka tampil cantik merupakan sebuah keharusan. Ada banyak cara yang bisa dilakukan oleh seorang wanita agar bisa selalu tampil cantik. Perlu diketahui, kecantikan tersebut tidak hanya dinilai dari wajah ataupun riasan yang tebal saja. Melainkan kecantikan bisa terpancar dari beberapa hal lain. Apa Saja Tutorial Cantik di Mata Cowok? Untuk Anda yang saat ini penasaran bagaimana agar selalu tampil cantik di depan cowok, berikut akan diberikan beberapa tutorialnya. Pastikan Anda menyimak tiap poin yang akan tersaji di bawah ini. Miliki Semangat untuk Mengejar Impian Wanita yang mempunyai semangat untuk meraih impiannya akan tampak sangat menarik di mata cowok . Semangat tersebut akan lebih mudah disalurkan atau ditularkan, sehingga akan membuat para cowok yang ada di dekat Anda jadi merasa

20 Beauty Secrets Become Your Most Beautiful Self

1. No more refined foods Avoid eating refined or highly processed foods, which can take away important nutrients that your body needs to keep your skin glowing and looking healthy.  2. Raw food is better  Eating more uncooked vegetables and fruits will help you consume more vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients that are important in keeping your hair and skin healthy. Raw vegetables have also been proven to reduce visible wrinkles and dark spots. 3. Preventing grey hair Adding 1-3 drops of rosemary essential oil to your hair conditioner can be beneficial in reducing gray hair. Rosemary essential oil gradually darkens the hair, so people with blonde or light brown hair should not use this oil if they do not want their hair to get darker. The process of darkening your hair and eliminating gray hair with rosemary oil is slower than dying your hair, so it is best to start this practice at the first appearance of gray hairs. Making use of oil for your hair can help in preventing grey hair. 4. First

Cara Mengatasi Wajah Bruntusan Akibat Skincare yang Mudah Dilakukan

  Bruntusan pada wajah seringkali terjadi akibat tidak menggunakan jenis skincare tertentu. Permasalah kulit ini, selain membuat tidak nyaman, juga mengganggu pemandangan mata. Apalagi, jika bruntusannya banyak dan menyebar di seluruh wajah. Lalu, bagaimana cara mengatasinya? Berikut Kang Tulis sajikan 4 cara mengatasi wajah bruntusan akibat skincare.  1. Bersihkan Wajah Secara Rutin Bruntusan, sering kali diakibatkan oleh kotoran yang menumpuk di permukaan kulit wajah. Seperti sisa make up dan debu. Untuk meminimalisir bruntusan agar tidak bertambah parah, bersihkan wajah dengan clenser, toner, ataupun air mawar. Setelah itu, cucilah wajah dengan menggunakan sabun.  Lakukan pembersian wajah setelah selesai beraktifitas di luar, setelah bangun tidur, dan akan tidur. Hal-hal sederhana ini seringkali kita abaikan. Apalagi ketika badan sudah merasa capek, tak jarang kita langsung tidur sebelum membersihkan wajah.  Tidur sebelum membersihkan wajah adalah pantangan dalam dunia kecantikan. K