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Perbedaan Retinol dan Retenoid Serta Cara Pemakaian yang Benar

Dewasa ini kebutuhan manusia modern tidak hanya makanan, pakaian dan tempat tinggal, penampilan fisik juga menjadi kebutuhan utama. Setuju atau tidak jika kamu good looking kamu akan relatif lebih mudah mendapat pekerjaan lho. Hal inilah membuat produsen kosmetik berlomba menyediakan produk kosmetik yang diklaim bisa mempercantik kulit. Saat ini  produk yang mengandung  retinol dan retinoidlah yang sedang digandrungi  karena diyakini lebih efektif memperbaiki kerusakan kulit.  Perbedaan Retino dan Retenoid Sumber:  Retinol adalah bentuk vitamin A yang ditemukan di dalam makanan seperti hati, kuning telur, dan ikan. Di sisi lain, retinoid adalah bentuk vitamin A sintetis yang dibuat di laboratorium.  Konsentrasi:  Retinol umumnya memiliki konsentrasi yang lebih rendah dibandingkan dengan retinoid. Konsentrasi retinol yang umum dijumpai dalam produk perawatan kulit over-the-counter berkisar antara 0,1% hingga 1%.  Konsentrasi rendah ini memungkinkan retinol digunakan secara aman di rumah

Therapeutic Diets

A therapeutic diet is a meal plan that controls the intake of certain foods or nutrients. It is part of the treatment of a medical condition and is normally prescribed by a physician and planned by a dietician. A therapeutic diet is usually a modification of a regular diet. It is modified or tailored to fit the nutrition needs of a particular person. Clear liquid diet Includes minimum residue fluids that can be seen through. Examples are juices without pulp, broth, and Jell-O. Is often used as the first step to restarting oral feeding after surgery or an abdominal procedure. Can also be used for fluid and electrolyte replacement in people with severe diarrhea. Should not be used for an extended period as it does not provide enough calories and nutrients. Full liquid diet Includes fluids that are creamy.  Some examples of food allowed are ice cream, pudding, thinned hot cereal, custard, strained cream soups, and juices with the pulp. Used as the second step to restarting oral feeding on

How to Choose the Correct Foundation Color

Brief Explanation:  Take 3 colors that you think will suit you and apply it onto your cheekbone, all underneath each other. The one that disappears on your skin is the correct color.  Foundation texture can be categorized into the following:  1. Dry skin Moisturizing foundation.  It is a liquid foundation and contains extra moisturizers.  It is very thin and it looks like no foundation has been applied.  2. Combination skin  Moisturizing foundation/oil-free. You can choose what you or your client prefers.  3. Oily skin  Matte, oil-free foundation.  Still a liquid but the texture is thicker than the moisturizing foundation.  4. Sensitive skin  Foundation with no perfume in it.  5. Problem skin  Medicinal foundation, prescribed by a dermatologist. Foundation can further be categorized into the type of coverage that you need:  1. Almost none to medium coverage - Moisturizing foundation. (Water-in-oil basis)  Only creates the base for other products that are going to be used.  If you can’t

Make up Brushes That You Need

Overview of Makeup Brushes That You Need:  Foundation brush  This brush is used to apply foundation.  Most foundation brushes that you find are flat and the hair has a round-shaped edge.  Other foundation brushes like the ones from MAC are bigger and fuller with a flat edge.  Powder brush  The biggest brush in your kit and all the hair is the same length.  This is only used to remove excess powder after you have applied it with your powder puff.  Blusher brush  This is a smaller version of the powder brush.  Used to blend already applied blush.  Contour brush  This is used to apply blush and it fits underneath your cheekbones.  The hair of this brush graduate from short to long.  Eye shadow blending brush  It looks like a small broom and all the hair is the same length.  Used only to blend the eye shadow and not for applying it.  Eye shadow applicator brush  A smaller version of the contour brush.  It is shaped in a rounded form and fits perfectly in the fold of the eye. All eye shadow

How to Apply Day Makeup

Steps in brief:  1. Test the foundation on your cheekbones to know if you are using the correct color.  2. Use your foundation brush to apply the foundation. This will ensure that no streaks are visible on your face. Don’t apply a pink or yellow-toned foundation to give color to the skin, the foundation is only the basis to any make-up.  3. Use a cover stick that is 1-2 shades lighter than your skin. This can be applied over the whole eyelid and also on blemishes and acne scars. A green cover stick can be used to cover any red areas on the skin. Just make sure that you blend the cover stick well.  4. Loose transparent powder is the best to use. Avoid any powder that has a glow, because this will create a wet look. Concentrate especially on the eyelids and the lips. The main purpose of the powder is to ensure that the eye shadow and lipstick stay on for longer.  5. Take an eyebrow/eyeliner pencil and dip it into some brown or black eye shadow and fill in your eyebrows. Then you will tak

How to Shape and Tint Your Eyebrows and Eyelashes

What you need:  1. Tweezers  2. Tissues  3. Cotton wool  4. Eyebrow brush  5. 1 spatula  6. Lamp  Procedure for perfect eyebrow shaping:  1. Always sterilize your tweezers beforehand.  2. Sterilize the area that needs to be shaped with hibitane.  3. Place one tissue on top of your client’s head.  4. Gently “pull” the area that needs to be shaped. This ensures support.  5. Cool down the area by wiping it with hibitane.  How to do correct eyebrow shaping to complement your eyes:  1. Basic line - this area can be identified by placing your spatula on the outside corner of your nose and the inside corner of your eye. Any hair that grows in-between that line must be removed.  2. Lengthening line- Place your spatula on the outside corner of your nose, taking it all the way to the outside corner of your eye/eyebrow. This is where the lengthening line must stop.  3. The point where your brow arches- Let your client open her eyes and look in front of her, then place the spatula on the outside o

Overview of Makeup and Tools a Makeup Artist Need

1. Natural sea sponge  This is difficult to get hold of, comes directly out of the sea.  It is non - absorbent and it’s used to apply foundation.  Wash with cold water only.  2. Latex sponge  This sponge is used to blend an already applied foundation.  It is made of absorbent material.  Wash with soap and water, dry in sun.  3. Powderpuff  It is round with the sides stitched and has a band so that your little finger fit around it.  This is used to apply the loose powder onto your face.  Wash with soap and water, dry in sun.  4. Tweezers  Used to shape eyebrows.  Sterilize with surgical alcohol.  5. Eyebrow curler  Always curl your eyelashes BEFORE you apply mascara, otherwise you will break your eyelashes.  Sterilize with surgical alcohol.  6. Foundation brush  This brush is used to apply foundation.  Most foundation brushes that you find are flat and the hair has a round-shaped edge.  Other foundation brushes like the ones from MAC are bigger and fuller with a flat edge.  7. Powder br

Dress Tricks to Get Proportional Effects according to Body Shape

Triangle Type Visually, this type gives the impression that the bottom of the body is wider than the top, so it looks unbalanced. Generally, the shoulders are smaller than the waist down, while the hips and groin areas tend to be larger. Therefore, in choosing a model, try to balance it out by focusing more on the upper part of the body, and disguising the lower part of the body that is rather large, using the following methods: Avoid: Direct-sleeved tops, such as Reglan sleeves, dolmans, laces, or cut way armholes. Various models of tops with open shoulders, for example, strapless models, spagbetty straps, or asymmetrical shoulder pieces, High and tight neck cut (turtleneck) or bottleneck (fits to the neck circumference), A wide belt and a striking newfangled will add to the impression of weight at the bottom, Klok skirt that expands at the bottom, both simple cut and with pleats, A tight skirt, which will accentuate the big hips, and Skirts or pants with drawstrings, or with pockets

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Tutorial Cantik di Mata Cowok Setiap Saat, Jangan Abaikan Tips Ini!

Tampil cantik di mata cowok merupakan sesuatu yang banyak diinginkan oleh para wanita. Oleh karena itulah, tidak sedikit yang mencari tutorial cantik di mata cowok . Terlebih lagi di depan kekasih Anda, maka tampil cantik merupakan sebuah keharusan. Ada banyak cara yang bisa dilakukan oleh seorang wanita agar bisa selalu tampil cantik. Perlu diketahui, kecantikan tersebut tidak hanya dinilai dari wajah ataupun riasan yang tebal saja. Melainkan kecantikan bisa terpancar dari beberapa hal lain. Apa Saja Tutorial Cantik di Mata Cowok? Untuk Anda yang saat ini penasaran bagaimana agar selalu tampil cantik di depan cowok, berikut akan diberikan beberapa tutorialnya. Pastikan Anda menyimak tiap poin yang akan tersaji di bawah ini. Miliki Semangat untuk Mengejar Impian Wanita yang mempunyai semangat untuk meraih impiannya akan tampak sangat menarik di mata cowok . Semangat tersebut akan lebih mudah disalurkan atau ditularkan, sehingga akan membuat para cowok yang ada di dekat Anda jadi merasa

20 Beauty Secrets Become Your Most Beautiful Self

1. No more refined foods Avoid eating refined or highly processed foods, which can take away important nutrients that your body needs to keep your skin glowing and looking healthy.  2. Raw food is better  Eating more uncooked vegetables and fruits will help you consume more vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients that are important in keeping your hair and skin healthy. Raw vegetables have also been proven to reduce visible wrinkles and dark spots. 3. Preventing grey hair Adding 1-3 drops of rosemary essential oil to your hair conditioner can be beneficial in reducing gray hair. Rosemary essential oil gradually darkens the hair, so people with blonde or light brown hair should not use this oil if they do not want their hair to get darker. The process of darkening your hair and eliminating gray hair with rosemary oil is slower than dying your hair, so it is best to start this practice at the first appearance of gray hairs. Making use of oil for your hair can help in preventing grey hair. 4. First

Cara Mengatasi Wajah Bruntusan Akibat Skincare yang Mudah Dilakukan

  Bruntusan pada wajah seringkali terjadi akibat tidak menggunakan jenis skincare tertentu. Permasalah kulit ini, selain membuat tidak nyaman, juga mengganggu pemandangan mata. Apalagi, jika bruntusannya banyak dan menyebar di seluruh wajah. Lalu, bagaimana cara mengatasinya? Berikut Kang Tulis sajikan 4 cara mengatasi wajah bruntusan akibat skincare.  1. Bersihkan Wajah Secara Rutin Bruntusan, sering kali diakibatkan oleh kotoran yang menumpuk di permukaan kulit wajah. Seperti sisa make up dan debu. Untuk meminimalisir bruntusan agar tidak bertambah parah, bersihkan wajah dengan clenser, toner, ataupun air mawar. Setelah itu, cucilah wajah dengan menggunakan sabun.  Lakukan pembersian wajah setelah selesai beraktifitas di luar, setelah bangun tidur, dan akan tidur. Hal-hal sederhana ini seringkali kita abaikan. Apalagi ketika badan sudah merasa capek, tak jarang kita langsung tidur sebelum membersihkan wajah.  Tidur sebelum membersihkan wajah adalah pantangan dalam dunia kecantikan. K