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Natural Healty Beautyful Tips

  Natural Ways to Enhance Your Natural Beauty and Glow 1. Get Enough Sleep: Getting enough sleep is essential for maintaining a healthy and glowing complexion. Aim for at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night to ensure that your body has enough time to rest and repair itself. 2. Eat a Balanced Diet: Eating a balanced diet is key to achieving a healthy and glowing complexion. Make sure to include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats in your diet. 3. Exercise Regularly: Exercise is important for maintaining a healthy body and mind. Regular exercise can help to improve circulation, which can help to give your skin a healthy glow. 4. Drink Plenty of Water: Staying hydrated is essential for maintaining a healthy complexion. Make sure to drink at least eight glasses of water each day to keep your skin hydrated and glowing. 5. Use Natural Skin Care Products: Natural skin care products are a great way to enhance your natural beauty and glow. Look

Dress Tricks to Get Proportional Effects according to Body Shape

Triangle Type Visually, this type gives the impression that the bottom of the body is wider than the top, so it looks unbalanced. Generally, the shoulders are smaller than the waist down, while the hips and groin areas tend to be larger. Therefore, in choosing a model, try to balance it out by focusing more on the upper part of the body, and disguising the lower part of the body that is rather large, using the following methods: Avoid: Direct-sleeved tops, such as Reglan sleeves, dolmans, laces, or cut way armholes. Various models of tops with open shoulders, for example, strapless models, spagbetty straps, or asymmetrical shoulder pieces, High and tight neck cut (turtleneck) or bottleneck (fits to the neck circumference), A wide belt and a striking newfangled will add to the impression of weight at the bottom, Klok skirt that expands at the bottom, both simple cut and with pleats, A tight skirt, which will accentuate the big hips, and Skirts or pants with drawstrings, or with pockets

Birth in Water

Interested in giving birth in water? No need to go far abroad. In Jakarta, there are already those who offer this facility. Like what? SICK! that's what women are afraid of when giving birth. No wonder the techniques of reducing labor pain are also in great demand. Starting from Caesarean delivery, using epidural anesthesia, to hypnobirthing or giving birth under hypnosis to not feel pain. And now, the birth technique that is starting to be in great demand is giving birth in water. Indeed, there is no birth technique that can eliminate pain up to one hundred percent. At least 80 percent. But, we want to provide an alternative for mothers who are about to give birth by reducing the pain," he told Mother. Otamar explained that the process of giving birth in water has actually been around for a long time. The process was offered in Russia in the 1960s by Igor Tjarkovsky. According to developments Over time, the delivery model continued to expand to the United States, Europe, and

14 Pregnancy Disorder

Pregnancy disorders can occur at any time. It could be at the time of early pregnancy, or when the pregnancy begins to age, as well as at the time of delivery. Each period in pregnancy has its own types of disorders. Types of pregnancy disorders vary, from mild to severe. All types of pregnancy disorders can be overcome. Some of them are actually preventable. Preventive measures can be taken during routine pregnancy check-ups. At least, there are 14 types of pregnancy disorders that may arise and need to be wary of. Anything? 1. Vomiting It is normal for nausea and vomiting to occur in the first trimester of pregnancy. However, if the vomiting occurs excessively up to 7 times a day, the mother's condition becomes weak, has no appetite, loses weight, and has heartburn. This situation cannot be allowed to exist. Ask your midwife or doctor for help. It is possible that the pregnant woman is suffering from a serious illness and requires hospital treatment. Lack of food and fluids needs